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Calcium caseinate

Pure digestive protein.


Caseins together represent 80% of the proteins of cow's milk and are of high biological value. It is usually eaten before going to bed or at breakfast. The property it has is slowing down the metabolism of amino acids and thereby prolonging the synthesis of proteins. It is used to increase muscle mass, decrease hunger, and provide better results in exercise. Most people live with a protein deficiency and casein is important in supplying all the essential and non-essential amino acids that the body requires. It is also free of lactose.

Isolated Soy Protein

Protein and isoflavones.

It contains more than 90% concentration of protein isolated from soy, obtained by alkaline treatment and precipitated in an acid medium that allows it to be free of allergens, carbohydrates and less anti-nutritive factors without affecting the available amino acids.

Whey protein

Rich in amino acids.

Whey Protein comes from the residual whey of filtered cheese and is considered to be the richest source of branched chain essential amino acids, muscle building and important for vigorous physical activity. It is fast absorbing and low in fat.

Pea protein

Provides essential amino acids, not essential.

The pea protein is very complex in its profile of amino acids of great biological value, high in arginine, lysine and phenylalanine. It is also a good source of Branched Amino Acids, which are formed by L-leucine, L-valine and L-isoleucine. Gluten-free and easy digestion.


Essential amino acid

The amino acid L-arginine is recognized by the ability to release nitric oxide that improves oxygen supply and flow to coronary blood vessels, which is why it is important in the treatment of heart disease and in the reduction of high blood pressure .


Fat transporter.

The main function is to transport fats into the mitochondria and accelerate the oxidation process of fatty acids to generate energy. It is used as a fat burner supplemented with exercise to lose weight and treat cardiovascular conditions.



Cysteine contains the thiol group, which form disulfide bridges, responsible for numerous biochemical reactions and is considered a powerful detoxifying amino acid when expressed as Glutathione tripeptides. It is a protector of the liver and brain from the damage caused by drugs, alcohol and cigarettes. Cysteine counteracts the damaging effects of acetaldehyde, byproduct of the metabolism of ethanol that causes hangovers and the long-term damage associated with the use of liquor.


Pure muscle energy.

Creatine is nitrogenous acid derived from amino acids, which is found in muscles and nerve cells. This anabolic is synthesized in the liver, pancreas and kidneys from the amino acids arginine, glycine and methionine. Creatine is stored in the muscles because it is the direct transport factor of ATP and provide aerobic energy to the muscle fibers. In addition to being useful for athletes, it is effective in the treatment of muscle loss due to aging.


Boosts brain function and eliminates toxins.

It is the smallest amino acid, very important in brain function and controls the motor functions of the body. It is a carboxylic acid produced by the liver and is fundamental in the conjugation process that eliminates toxins, drugs and xenobiotics that can affect the body and are excreted in the urine.


Brain fuel.

Amino acid that crosses the blood-brain barrier, turns the brain into glutamic acid, known as brain fuel, promotes mental dexterity and increases muscle mass. It is useful in the treatment of alcohol.

BCAAs Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine

Branched amino acids.

They are branched amino acids used to increase performance, muscle growth and accelerate physical recovery. Useful to avoid muscle loss by following a strict diet or in case of anorexia nervosa. They protect the liver in case of protein malnutrition and liver cirrhosis, help in neuromuscular disorders such as lateral sclerosis, muscular dystrophy or multiple sclerosis.


Powers growth and defenses.

Essential amino acid that helps the production of antibodies, hormones and enzymes, contributes to bone formation, tissue repair, collagen formation and decreased triglycerides. Lysine stimulates the release of growth hormones and delays aging. In children it helps brain development, and when ingested with carnitine it lowers cholesterol levels.



Essential antioxidant amino acid containing sulfur, participates in the metabolism of fats, essential in the treatment of depression and for the maintenance of skin, hair and nails. Methionine is an intermediate in the biosynthesis of cysteine, carnitine, taurine, lecithin, phosphatidylcholine and other phospholipids.


Fat metabolizer.

Essential amino acid that acts with methionine and aspartic acid to metabolize fats and avoid fatty liver common in alcoholics.


Amino acid of pleasure.

It is essential to promote the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, involved in the regulation of sleep and pleasure. Anxiety, insomnia and stress benefit from a better balance of tryptophan.


Growth Amino Acid.

Ornithine is not an amino acid, it is considered a non-protein, because it is formed in the urea cycle, synthesized in the cytosol as a product of glutamate, and allows the elimination of excess nitrogen. Ornithine is recycled and serves as a catalyst for other biochemical reactions. In the urea cycle forms citrulline. It is the biosynthetic precursor of arginine and human growth hormone. The body uses ornithine for immunological support, to heal wounds and repair the liver.


Collagen is found in the skin, ligaments, tendons, bones, cartilage, blood vessels and other connective tissues.

Collagen is synthesized by the organism, but as we get older, its production is diminished and it is necessary to obtain it from other sources. Among its benefits are:

- Improves the firmness of the skin and helps to heal wounds

- Decrease the pain, inflammation, edema and rigidity of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

- Involved in the repair of cartilaginous tissue.

- Strengthens the hair.

- Favors the recovery of the body after exercise.

- It helps you lose weight.

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Leucina, isoleucina y valina
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